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Digital Marketing

I’ve enjoyed the chance to kick it up a notch while writing for audiences in the digital marketing space. I’ve covered topics surrounding SEO, social media, audience, and online best practices.


Entertainment writing in the social media age calls for creative headlines and thoughtful story progression. From North Korea to Kim Kardashian, I’ve learned plenty and had fun producing these kinds of stories.

Health & Wellness

I am not a doctor, so when it comes to health and medicine writing, I triple-check my facts and make heavy use of cited sources. These stories are more challenging than the rest, as they often require heavy reading through medical journals, scientific studies, and other literature.

Local And National News

A large part of my work in news and digital publishing consisted of content strategy. Our audience came to our site for unique, local information, and 10% of our monthly traffic came from owned media assets that I researched and authored.

Over three years, I produced at both statewide and national levels, covering news, history, entertainment, and lifestyles. The highest performing pieces brought in millions of pageviews, reaching hundreds of thousands of readers over the years.

Some publishers and identifying details have been redacted for privacy.

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